Thursday, 29th September 2022

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This presentation looks at the BS and EN test standards for acoustic transmission, acoustic absorption, reaction to fire and fire resistance. It also clarifies various acoustic terminology, including Rw values Dnf, w values, Dnc, w values and DnT, W values and explains the fundamental differences between them. Included is an overview of methods of acoustic testing in both laboratory and site settings. Sound transmission paths via common ceiling voids, raised access floor voids and at partition abutment to durtain wall facades are explained. The presentation additionally highlights good design principles from an acoustic perspective for suspended ceilings and raised access floors, and also the potential performance limiting factors caused by other construction elements. There is focus on interfaces with curtain wall junctions for both New Build and refurbishment for interior fit-out projects as well as a view on the effects of workmanship on overall acoustic performance.



This CPD presentation provides an essential guide to the key aspects of SAFE Design philosophy. Specifying effective Smoke ventilation, safe Access, compliant Fire rated design and Escape solutions. For anyone new to the subject or for those who would benefit from updating their knowledge on access and escape solutions. Starting with the fundamental question ‘How To Specify Safe Access?” the presentation builds into a comprehensive and authoritative guide to understanding how, as an architect, simple design considerations can be made to ensure safe and compliant access while following tried and tested design methodology. The presentation draws to a close by demonstrating how to design around small, medium and large-scale problems with innovative solutions across a variety of industries.


Presentation to be advised


Presentation to be advised

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