An introduction to Dynamic Emergency Exit Signage


The world’s first dynamic and adaptive emergency evacuation signage system

Dynamic and adaptive emergency signs
Vienna: Dynamic Blade

Vienna is a dynamic emergency exit sig blade. Vienna blades integrate with all fire systems and fire panels and are suitable for new construction projects and retrofits, refurbishments and system upgrades.

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Before now, when the alarm is sounded and activated in most buildings, emergency exit signs do nothing. Their state stays the same; illuminated. They show you to an exit – but what they don’t tell you is where the nearest, quickest, least congested exit is. They don’t tell you if the exit is still viable – smoke-free and uninhibited by fire. The arrow could be pointing you towards the fire and not away from it. It’s a serious downfall of passive signs and one dynamic and adaptive signage is able to solve. Evaclite’s dynamic and adaptive emergency exit signs instead of being ‘passive’ like the other fire exit signs on the market are both ‘reactive’ and ‘adaptive’ to their environment.

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