Envirovent’s ventilation system chosen for flagship zero carbon home

Barratt Developments has specified an innovative low carbon ventilation system from leading manufacturer EnviroVent for its flagship zero carbon home, known as ‘Z House’.

Z House will be the first new home in the country built by a major housebuilder to go beyond the Future Homes Standard, by delivering a carbon reduction of 125%. Last year Barratt Developments announced that all of its new homes will be zero carbon by 2030 and this flagship concept house is an important milestone in achieving that commitment.

The MEV 300 ventilation system from EnviroVent was selected by Barratt Developments as it is constructed mainly from recyclable materials to reduce the impact on landfill and is designed to ensure that components can easily be replaced.  Versatile, compact and high performance, the system provides airflow rates up to 103l/s (370 m3/hr) and, as it is powered by DC motor technology, EnviroVent’s MEV range uses the lowest energy consumption , therefore reducing carbon emissions.

Andy Makin, Managing Director of EnviroVent, explains: “It is great news that Barratt Developments has chosen one of our low carbon ventilation systems for its innovative Z House, which is testament to the sustainability and efficiency of our ventilation solutions.  It is essential that the homes of the future have a much lower carbon footprint and we’re really proud of the part that our systems can play in achieving this.”

Other cutting-edge technology featured in the ‘Z House’ includes infrared panels that provide instant zero carbon heat and new air powered showers that will save families hundreds of pounds per year in water and heating bills.  The house also features plaster which eliminates pollutants giving cleaner, healthier air, a fridge which keeps the right humidity resulting in 60% less food wastage, and innovative heated skirting boards delivering 10% more heat than traditional radiators whilst also saving space.

EnviroVent prides itself on designing and manufacturing sustainable, low energy domestic ventilation solutions, which create all year round, healthy fresh and ideal indoor environments.

The company has recently released its Roadmap to Net-Zero which sets out its very clear path to reducing carbon emissions to Net-Zero by 2030.

Andy Makin adds: “Our passion for providing good indoor air quality is stronger than ever as we help developers move towards zero carbon for their homes.  We offer an outstanding service to our customers by investing in the development of award-winning ventilation products that are packed with innovative and patented features.”

EnviroVent’s extensive product range includes extract fans, positive input ventilation, heat recovery and mechanical extract ventilation systems.

EnviroVent is one of the UK’s leading ventilation manufacturers. Located in Harrogate, the company supplies some of the top UK housebuilders, as well as local authorities, housing associations and homeowners.

For more details of EnviroVent’s sustainable ventilation products, visit the website www.envirovent.com  and to find out about its sustainability roadmap visit https://www.envirovent.com/roadmap-to-net-zero/